Passenger Lift

We are instrumental in designing and offering our clients with a quality assured gamut of passenger lifts that can effectively serve the movement requirements of multi-storied buildings. These lifts have a high capacity that can accommodate large number of people and can be moved quickly.


Practical and energy saving: Advanced drive and control technology is applied by HOSTING lifts, so the energy consumption has minimized.

High safety and reliability: Product fault probability is minimized by using advance and reliable 32-bit microprocessor control technology with modular design. The elevator runs with higher safety and reliability with leading elevator door control technology. High-quality fitting parts, plus reliable fault protection and emergency device are used, so that the elevator runs more reliably.

Comfortable and steady ride: With personalized design and intelligent control technology, you will feel more comfortable during the ride.

Perfect Service: With personalized design and intelligent control technology, elevator operation status is under our control and monitoring at all time, and you can receive timely service you have any questions during your ride.